Bayer Crop Science, which has its North American headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, has put two topics at the center of its research and development initiatives, developing new products that it believes will help mitigate food insecurity and climate change.

“We do believe that more than ever, not only because of the pandemic but also because of the war in Ukraine, there are two things that really become even more important than any other topic: food security and climate change,” said Bayer Crop Science President Rodrigo Santos. “Those two topics are probably on the agenda of every conversation that we have.”

One of the new developments that Bayer Crop Science is researching is its new short-stature corn hybrids, which are corn crops that will feature shorter stalks than traditional corn hybrids.

Bayer contends short-stature corn hybrids will be less susceptible to wind damage from storms and will help farmers be more precise in their use of crop protection products, helping to improve yield. While shorter, the crops are expected to have the same number of leaves and corn ear size. READ MORE