The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership (STL Partnership) is seeking proposals from qualified contractors for the Olive/Lindbergh Interchange Project. The deadline is May 28, 2020.

The main vehicular interchange moving over 62,000 cars a day throughout the St. Louis region is at the intersection of Olive and Lindbergh Boulevards. As this cloverleaf interchange does not accommodate all traffic movements, the 39 North Master Plan recommends that the existing interchange be reconfigured into a folded diamond design to eliminate the circular ramps on the north side of the interchange and serve all movements of traffic.

The folded diamond reconfiguration of the interchange would create significant positive impacts for the region’s commuter system and throughout the 39N district. Coupled with the Old Olive Street Road redesign into a “Great Street” offering full connectivity for cars, bikes, and people, the new folded diamond interchange design will more efficiently move commuter traffic and eliminate a barrier for people wishing to easily access the amenities in the 39N district.

$4M of Federal transportation funding was secured to design and construct the new interchange with a $1M match from St. Louis County Transportation and $300,000 from the City of Creve Coeur. The design is underway and bidding is open for construction. The new interchange should be operational in early 2021.

“With the current COVID-19 crisis, the engineering team continued to work with MODOT remotely to finalize the bid set for the Olive/Lindbergh interchange redesign and reconstruction,” said Janet Wilding, Vice President of 39N and Major Projects at the STL Partnership. “Because construction is essential, the bid was only delayed 30 days, and will take place by May 30, 2020 with construction commencing this summer”.