The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership (STL Partnership) and BioGenerator have teamed up to create more space for agtech startups in the Helix Center‘s core lab. Helix’s core lab is a shared space where Helix Center tenants have access to the core lab’s equipment. BioGenerator, also renting lab space at Cortex, needed more space for the agtech startups they work with and partnered with the STL Partnership in January of this year to provide space at Helix’s core lab.

“The basic idea is to provide equipment that these startups wouldn’t be able to normally afford,” said Mike Davies, Operations Manager at BioGenerator.

The STL Partnership says it will continue to provide space for agtech startups in order for the agtech innovation district of 39 North to grow.

“We’re excited about our continued collaboration with BioGenerator,” John Hixson, VP of Defense Initiatives at the STL Partnership, said. “Helix is a key component of the vibrant agtech and life sciences innovation community, and the startups working with BioGenerator help our region’s agtech community grow.”