Impetus Ag was selected as one of four finalists of “The Radicle Natural Plant Protection (NPP) Challenge which sets out to invest US $1.75M in start-up companies from around the world that are advancing natural and biological solutions to protect crops from biotic stresses such as bacteria, fungi, nematodes, insects, arachnids, and weeds. The NPP Radicle Challenge marks the second competition led by UPL in collaboration with Radicle Growth, with a total of US $1.25M invested in two companies in the 2022 ‘UPL Radicle Carbon & Soil Challenge’.

Mike Frank, CEO of UPL Corp., said: “We were delighted to receive 237 applications for the NPP Radicle Challenge – signaling the extraordinary innovation happening across the biologicals space.

Kirk Haney, Managing Partner of Radicle Growth, said: “We are incredibly impressed with the game-changing technologies we have identified through the Radicle Challenge process and believe these technologies can be transformative in advancing natural and biological control solutions in the food value chain.” READ MORE