A biotech accelerator is a program that accelerates a startup’s growth. Apart from helping raise funding, they tend to offer hands-on mentorship, infrastructural support, as well as access to networking events that can aid in launching young biotechs in a span of months.

BioGenerator Ventures has invested $39 million into startups and helped them obtain funds worth $2.6 billion. One of its successful missions was Geneoscopy, a diagnostics company that utilizes seRNA biomarkers to develop multiple assays to be able to non-invasively evaluate gastrointestinal disease.

It helped the life science company with mentoring, and financial and infrastructural support five years ago, as well as to catalyze the series B round, which involved a key investor joining the round to accelerate development, according to Erica Barnell, co-founder and chief scientific officer (CSO) of Geneoscopy.

Based in St. Louis in the U.S., the company has also played a critical role in bringing up other life science companies like Benson Hill, MediBeacon, and SentiAR. The company deploys funds to early-stage companies, and acts as a venture capital along with being an accelerator.  READ MORE