The St. Louis Agribusiness Club has now for the fourth time studied the economic value of agribusiness to the St. Louis region. The study has been done following the USDA’s Census of Agriculture most recently conducted for 2017. The Census is conducted every 5 years.

The objectives of this periodic study by the Agribusiness Club are to:

  • Provide the agricultural industry of the greater St. Louis area with a statically robust tool to demonstrate the significant economic value contributed by agribusiness and supporting industries.
  • Provide regional leadership and the Industry with clear data about the vital state of agribusiness in the region for purposes of attracting talent, attracting investment and supporting community pride in this core strength of the St. Louis region.
  • Provide the legislative community with clear facts to support policies locally and beyond.
  • Provide communicators with economically sound facts by which to describe the agribusiness portion of the St. Louis economy.
  • Demonstrate the ongoing leadership of the St. Louis Agribusiness Club.

Read the report here.