TechAccel, the Kansas City-based technology and equity company investing in scientific breakthroughs to produce healthier plants, animals and foods, on Monday announced that it has completed a lease agreement for office and lab space at the Bio Research Development & Growth (BRDG) Park on the campus of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis.

The new space providesTechAccel’s growing science team with room for operations, including space for its subsidiary, RNAissance Ag LLC. RNAissance Ag, which last year acquired St. Louis-based startup RNAgri, is leveraging its proprietary and inexpensive RNA manufacturing platform by developing RNAi applications in biopesticides, animal health and aquaculture.

“The BRDG Park location is ideal for our growing team of scientists” said Brad Fabbri, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer. “This gives us room to grow and we are excited by the opportunities for collaboration with other biotechnology innovators as part of the vibrant 39 North Agriculture Biotech Innovation District.” READ MORE