Back in 1995, Dr. Mike and Eileen Amaranthus used their garage to establish Mycorrhizal Applications, a company that focused on forest restoration through the use of ectomycorrhizal slurries (fungi). As research became more advanced, the company grew and developed “in vivo” and “in vitro”, two methods for producing a variety of mycorrhizal products for other industries including agriculture, turf management, landscaping, and professional horticulture. Now, Mycorrhizal Applications is the largest manufacturer of commercially available mycorrhizal products in the world. 

As the world’s largest producer of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, the company’s MycoApply® products are improving the sustainability of the planet, the nutritional quality of food, and the ability to feed the growing population. John Mandel says Mycorrhizal Applications’ products are helping to reduce the need for fossil fuels, irrigation, and ultimately reducing erosion and pollution of the water resources and improving plant establishment on degraded and even decertified lands. “By respecting, honoring, and promoting the natural symbioses that plants rely upon in nature, we are reestablishing, promoting, and supporting living soils worldwide, said John Mandel, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager at Valent Biosciences.

Located in BRDG Park with their parent company, Valent Biosciences, Mycorrhizal Applications says the 39 North area has added many capabilities to its already robust research and development initiatives. “This is a space that we can build on with our strong research background and focus, and one that we can utilize effectively to collaborate with others in the field and our partners within the Valent group of companies,” said John Mandel.

Expansion of their labs in 39 North and increasing product distribution is what Mycorrhizal Applications is looking forward to in the future. “The growth projections for organic biological crop enhancement solutions are very positive.  Consumers are increasingly demanding organic sustainable products, growers are increasingly moving to meet that demand, and products like those produced by Mycorrhizal Applications are positioned to serve this growing market ideally”, John Mandel said. The company distributes agricultural and non-agricultural products internationally through its parent company, Valent Biosciences. 

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