Solving our climate crisis will require radical collaboration at the frontier of science and social action. “Ignite: Inspiring Innovative Impact” recognizes this imperative and serves as a dynamic platform where inventors, investors, influencers, and ecosystem builders convene to share insights, explore opportunities for collaboration, and inspire climate tech innovation for global impact.

The inaugural Ignite, held on August 8th at the Danforth Center, featured Nancy Giordano, an exponential strategist and business futurist. Nancy’s talk set the tone of the Ignite series by delving into the future economy and the mindset necessary to shape it. As we hurtle toward the year 2030 and beyond, our world is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Traditional modes of thinking and doing business are being challenged, and visionary leaders like Nancy are lighting the way forward.

Emily Lohse-Busch, Executive Director of 39 North, underscored the importance of challenging conventional thinking and exploring new horizons, which are essential for any thriving innovation ecosystem: “Innovative thinking is a muscle that you have to exercise, you have to work it out. These types of conversations help us to work that muscle as an ecosystem and to think about what could be, take it up a level or two levels or three levels.”  READ MORE