The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center has a goal of launching more agricultural technology startups from its campus. It is establishing its own startup company to lead that effort.

On Tuesday, the nonprofit plant science institution located in 39 North said it has founded the Danforth Technology Co. (DTC), a wholly-owned corporation that will focus on helping Danforth Center scientists commercialize their research and technology. DTC’s work will be targeted specifically to technology that originates from scientists at the Danforth Center.

DTC is led by CEO Tom Laurita, who joined the Danforth Center about two years ago as its director of entrepreneurship. Laurita is a co-founder and former CEO of agtech company NewLeaf Symbiotics, which is headquartered at BioResearch and Development Growth Park (BRDG) on the Danforth Center campus.

“At the Danforth Center, a concerted effort has been taken to encourage entrepreneurship amongst the principal investigators,” Laurita said.  READ MORE