Benson Hill, Inc. (NYSE: BHIL, the “Company” or “Benson Hill”), a food tech company unlocking the natural genetic diversity of plants, has signed a supplier agreement with Schnuck Markets, Inc. to roll out Veri™ brand cooking oil for use in prepared foods in the grocery chain’s more than 100 stores across Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. As part of the grocery retailer’s initiative to find more local, more sustainable suppliers, Schnucks will use Benson Hill’s Midwest-grown soybean oil across a variety of foodservice applications.

“Benson Hill has developed an oil with industry-leading sustainability benefits and a heart-healthy[1] nutritional profile that matches up perfectly with our commitment to nourish people’s lives,” said Geoff Wexler, Vice President of Deli & Prepared Foods for Schnucks. “As a family-owned grocer headquartered in St. Louis, we are excited to be working with another St. Louis company whose values align with our mission. Together we will introduce Veri for use in our prepared foods, while at the same time, maintaining the flavor and top quality our customers have come to know and love.” READ MORE